Logo example of Unilever in white on a deep blue background Logotype of Honda in red on white background The logo of EE, two capital letter 'E's in yellow, stacked circles on a green, dotted background Logo for Three, a telecommunications company Logo for Ono which looks like glass Logo for B&O Play, silver disc on a blue background Logotype for Max Chocolatier with a custom script font The logo of The Tate Modern, in white on a purple background Logo for National Trust in deep blue on a pink background Land Rover badge logo on a background of dried earth PWC, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, logo with initials and pixelated graohic Logo for Lloyds bank, a rearing black horse Logo for ish, blue type on a white background Societe Generale logo, shows the name and a half-red, half-black square icon Coutts bank logo in white on black background Logo for Very, white type on a deep pink background Logo for Arla, badge in green and white with a yellow flower on a white background Carrefour supermarket logo in red white & blue Beeline telecomms company logo, yellow & black stripped sphere