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Custom type

Newlyn clients speak to billions of customers every single day through the medium of type.

If you’re developing your client’s brand, whether through adjustments and enhancements or a thorough overhaul of brand assets, we can help you to get their voice heard.

Do you want to license an existing font, or commission an entirely new typeface or typographic logo? Perhaps some technical modifications will enable you to meet a brief. We work with brands as recognisable and influential as Tate, Macmillan, EE and Sky. Our range of services, and unique AgileType method, can meet type requirements of any kind.

A typeface can and should evolve in line with your clients’ needs; it is the bridge between brand and audience that keeps a meaningful dialogue flowing. Here at Newlyn we’ll talk, we’ll listen, and we’ll create custom type which allows your client to build that bridge.

We produce typographic solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing brand identity and marketing activities. And we have the potential to evolve to meet your clients’ long-term business ambitions.

concrete stairway with wayfinding.
Wayfinding at Tate Modern for Tate Gallery
white text on green background: "Donate, fundraise, volunteer, campaign and connect".