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Fonts are used in so many places: apps, banners, logos, kiosks, websites, vehicles… the list is ever growing. Having separate licenses for each no longer makes sense, it’s too complicated and makes compliance a nightmare. So we made everything much easier – one license that covers your company and its web domain.

You get:

⚡ Unlimited use on your website

⚡ Unlimited use in print

⚡ Unlimited use on social media

⚡ Unlimited use on TV, streaming video and film

⚡ Unlimited installations in your company

⚡ Unlimited use on apps and eBooks

⚡ Document embedding

⚡ Install on all your devices

⚡ Install on your company server or cloud

⚡ Font files in otf, ttf, and woff2 formats

Annual or perpetual?

Unlimited use costs a little more than a single use like Desktop, and that’s why there’s now a choice to pay for a single year instead of forever - ideal for an event or campaign.

With the perpetual license you pay once and you'll never need to think about font licensing again, no matter how much the business grows — the license remains valid in perpetuity.

All weights included

Another thing we noticed is that most users buy licenses for one or two weights of a family. It doesn’t cost us anything to give you all the weights, so now we do. You get all the weights when you license our fonts. We thought about adding the italics too, but since they’re a huge amount of additional work when designing a family, we decided to class them as a separate family within a ‘collection’, and discount them by 50% when licensing both.

Business Size

Our license is made possible by using 'Business Size' as the metric on which our price is based. With some other foundries you’d have to guess the number of page views, downloads or users to get the right license. Now you only need input the number of personnel of the company licensing the fonts. If you’re a freelancer that's just you, if you're a business, it's not just the people using the fonts, it's everyone in the company. The Business Size includes all employees, consultants, contractors, freelancers and temporary or periodic workers directly or indirectly engaged by the Licensee. 

Annual licenses are upgraded with the current number of personnel at each renewal.

1 web domain

Most businesses use a single web domain, and the license restricts use of the fonts to the domain you specify when purchasing the license. If you have more than one domain please contact us for a deal.

What the license doesn't allow

You can't upload the fonts to any platform (such as GitHub or Amazon S3) that would make them accessible to unlicensed people. You can't embed the fonts in hardware such as digital devices or cars, or include them in operating system software. You can't use the fonts in a service that lets unlicensed users customise a product (e.g. an online design application, or print-on-demand service).

Lastly you can't modify the fonts or convert them in any way. We are happy to discuss modifications and carry out customisation at very reasonable rates.

📃 Read or download the license here: