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Licensing and EULAs

Fonts are a licensed software product which means that you buy a license for the software according to how you plan to use it.

Use is divided into several areas; trial, desktop, web, and app & ePub. They can be purchased individually as required. To work out which of these you may need here’s a description of what each one covers.

Trial license

The trial license allows you to test the fonts in your projects and use them for client presentations. Both desktop and web fonts are covered by this license, but commercial use is not permitted so websites must not be live and graphic work must not be made public. When you decide that you want to use the fonts in a live job you can log in to the account you created when accepting the trial license and from there easily purchase the licenses you need. The trial license is indefinite so you can use the fonts until commercial use is needed. If you don’t use the fonts commercially, no further licensing is required.

Trial EULA

Desktop license

This license covers the use of the fonts for print and graphical use. The cost is calculated by the number of computers on which the fonts will be installed. Discounting is applied to the cost so that the more computers are licensed the cheaper each installation becomes. More people start with a desktop license since it cover such a broad range of use; from logos and brochures to packaging and signage. Only use by the licensee is covered. The license does not allow the fonts to be passed onto printers or manufacturers. When you need other professionals to use the fonts they will need to buy their own license. The desktop license is restricted by location, so if you need to use the fonts in two or more offices each office needs its own license for the number of computers on which the fonts will be installed in that location. Licenses that cover several locations are available on request.

If your needs change or grow additional licensing can be purchased based on the same unit cost as the first license so there is no need to be concerned about future price changes.

Fonts can be great starting points for the design of logos, and with a desktop license you are free to adapt the type once it’s been converted to paths.

Desktop EULA

Web license

A web license covers use of the fonts on a single named domain and its sub-domains. The cost is calculated by the highest number of pageviews that the website receives in any month. You can find the number of pageviews per month that your site receives from the webhost or analytics software like Google Analytics, AWStats, Webalizer, etc. Once you have this figure you can select the web license tier that covers your use.


App & ePub license

Fonts used in apps and ePublications are licensed by the app or publication title, which means that a license covers an app across all platforms (ie: Android, iOS, Windows). App licenses are calculated by the number of app titles in which you need to use the fonts, and also by the number of years that the apps will be available for download. The number of app download is limited to 500,000. Please contact us if you need to license for a greater number of downloads.
ePublication licenses are calculated simply by the number of ePub titles in which you use the fonts.

App & ePub EULA